gas boiler for underfloor heating

At the end of 2017, China Guodian is located in Jiangxi Province Wanan Hydropower Plant After evaluating the situation, some of the steam boiler for underfloor heating used to purchase much-needed daily work. Sales Manager fast boiler combined with the actual situation of the power plant for its recommendation 2 0.5 tons of electrically heated steam boilers.

Environmental protection boiler for underfloor heating use different fuel characteristics of each boiler using environmentally friendly fuel What? Common energy-saving environmental protection boiler fuel natural gas, diesel, electricity and methanol. Natural gas is the most important environmental protection boiler, its fuel natural gas is a clean energy, combustion products discharged after treatment safety. Natural gas boiler maintenance costs of environmental protection is very low compared to the energy efficiency of is very high, such as our thermal efficiency of gas-fired Stone can reach 95%. This boiler is the government's most important eco-friendly boiler. Environmental protection boiler fuel diesel fuel use in general, because of the relatively low price of diesel, sulfur dioxide and other acidic substances produced by burning it after treatment can be safe discharge standards, supporting measures that it needs storage tanks, maintenance costs are lower thermal efficiency up to 90% or even higher. Electric heating boilers are environmentally friendly boiler, wire and cable facilities is required, it is zero pollution, low maintenance costs, but the state has requirements of energy conservation, power cuts in some places the situation may occur, especially in summer the peak period. This is also a need to place special attention. Environmental protection boiler thermal efficiency of methanol selection of energy-efficient boilers, facilities storage tank is required, but also the Government's strong support for environmental protection boiler.

In fact, the boiler for underfloor heating "coal to gas" fully able to achieve energy, mainly reflected in:

1, high combustion efficiency

Four coal-fired boiler for underfloor heatings precautions to meet a variety of fossil fuels and natural gas sectors of production, often require boiler, the general common is to transform into a coal-fired furnace gas-fired boiler, to change the high fuel costs of coal on the environment cause serious pollution problems, specific issues unique boiler is not a small project, you need to pay attention to a good close links with each transformation in order to avoid failure of transformation, on boiler should be noted that we have to understand the following description. 1, the original boiler demolition work; boiler before carrying out the original host and auxiliary boilers need to be demolished, concrete demolition work carried out by professional staff, in order to more quickly complete the demolition work with but also to prevent the demolition process in the event of any accident; 2, note that pressure capacity of the boiler; small boiler into the gas by the coal-fired, also changed the original negative and positive pressure combustion burner, the process you need to pay special attention throughout the furnace wall the structure and sealing, the sealing function, it might cause the boiler after the transformation could not withstand the pressure and accidents; 3, furnace renovation precautions; when in many cases will change the gas burner, because the fuel mist of poor or incomplete combustion of the fuel gas remaining in the furnace a little mistake will cause fire or explosion, it is carried out after completion of the transformation for an explosion vent installed in an appropriate position to prevent the explosion, while additional ignition flame protection means after the boiler guarantee safe operation; 4, after the transformation of the test; after the completion of high-quality boiler transformation, but also the need for reuse Sophisticated testing to confirm their safety, commonly used test method is boiler pressure after the transformation of high-pressure test, and finally pass a test meet the standard may be considered completed after the entire transformation boilers. Caution visible through major transformation over the course of gas boilers, boiler reconstruction requires not only technical but also need to meet the relevant standards in order to ensure more successful boiler and can be smoothly carried out using, of course, in the transformation of the former users need to analyze the structure of the entire boiler study, confirming boiler renovation project can be re-introduced in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

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Hydronic Underfloor Heating Systems 0508 446 892

Ask us about installing a hydronic under floor heating system from as low as $999.00! Do you already have an Underfloor Heating System? Underfloor and Central Heating System should be serviced once a year. To ensure you can enjoy warm winters for many years to come. Contact our Team on 0508 446 892 and book your service Inspection.

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